Why plant rosemary by the garden gate

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Why plant rosemary by the garden gate? Rosemary for a sunny spot in the garden. Cut back old growth, repot in a slightly different position and leave to take root. If you're lucky, it might start to flower at the first sign of the spring sun. As the year goes on, the scent intensifies and the flowers get in the way of the new leaves. As these grow, they'll need to be cleared out and the plants moved to another position where they can bask in the sun. A few tips for rosemary in the garden.

Rosemary does best in a sunny spot in the garden and as long as you keep cutting back the old growth, you'll keep the plant happy. Keep it well watered, cut back any flower stalks in autumn and move it to a new position when new growth appears. It's a great little plant for a sunny spot, but it'll also thrive in a bit of shade. It's also very easy to grow from seed and the cuttings will thrive in a pot of compost, too. Rosemary is useful for flavouring soups, stews and marinades and is also a very useful herb to have around the house. A good tea with a shot of water to follow, is the best remedy for a cold or hangover. You could even make a rosemary and peppermint cough mixture and it's said that an infusion of the tea will help your body to sweat and expel toxins.

### Basil

If you have a patio or balcony, this is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Basil needs regular watering and is a great easy starter herb to grow in the garden. There are many types of basil and many different flavours and smells that you can achieve. Some are milder and sweeter than others, so it's always worth getting a variety, as the flavours will be different depending on the strain. A few tips for basil in the garden.

Basil is an easy plant to grow and you'll need to prune it regularly. It needs the sun and it will flower well, but it's good to try and keep it in a position where you can catch it early on, as it will keep flowering for a long time. There are lots of different types of basil available, but it's easy to grow and you'll have lots of fun experimenting with flavours!

### Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a tree and you will need a space outdoors to grow. You could try growing a cinnamon tree in your garden but as the tree is a deciduous plant, you'll lose your cinnamon by the end of winter. If you want to grow a cinnamon tree, buy the plant in the spring from the garden centre. To care for the plant, water regularly, make sure the soil is well-rotted and give it a little fertiliser. You can add a little compost to your soil and try not to water it, as a lot of the cinnamon will be lost through your garden. The tree should grow quite large if you put a little effort into it.

### Cloves

Cloves are grown from the fragrant flower bud of a tree. If you want to grow cloves, look for a plant called 'dwarf' clove trees. Make sure that you buy a dwarf variety because you'll need at least two to three to get fruit. It's best to plant them in pots, but keep them outdoors during the winter and the risk of frost is that your plant will flower and die in the winter. Make sure that you grow them in a spot with a light amount of sun and well-rotted, compost-rich soil. You will have to water them quite regularly to get them growing. Again, be aware of frost. If you put them on a balcony, you can grow them indoors and keep them nice and warm in winter.


The information in this book is in **bold** or **italic**. This means that we've pointed out a specific phrase or point and think you'd be interested in learning more about it. You'll find out all about how to grow different vegetables and other plants in the chapters that follow and each chapter has a **LIST** of **LABELS** which make it very easy to find what you're looking for.

**DID YOU KNOW**... that you can grow your own kale? It's true. You can grow kale and other hardy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, leeks, bok choy, kohlrabi and spinach outdoors during the winter, or even indoors. Most people who are new to gardening grow the baby kale that grows in big bunches in the supermarket but this isn't a proper vegetable and doesn't have the right taste. It's actually a form of Swiss chard. Kale is a hardy vegetable and is great for the winter garden, but you'll need to start it off in a pot and then transplant it outside. Just be aware of frost and be prepared to keep them indoors until it warms up.

### **What are 'fruiting' vegetables?**

A fruiting vegetable is a fruit that we can eat, or something that has a **reproductive** part to it like a **pumpkin** or **peach**.

### **Why are some vegetables eaten raw?**

In many countries, vegetables are commonly eaten raw in salads. When we buy vegetables in the shop, they are often peeled and cut into very thin slices.

**Tinned and packaged vegetables**

All these vegetables are canned, and, unless you can pick them fresh, you won't have access to them in their raw form.

_Baked beans_

_Baked tomatoes_

_Broad beans_


_Green peas_

_Guernsey melon_

_Mixed beans_

_New potatoes_







_Tins of tomatoes_

### **Why is sprouting important for health?**

Sprouting seeds allows us to enjoy them raw, or soak them in water to use in juices and salads. The nutrients that were dormant are restored. Soaking seeds for 12 to 24 hours or so will make them softer and more easily digested. Sprouting is a fun process. Seeds are washed and soaked, then rinsed and patted dry. Seeds are carefully inserted in a paper towel and placed in the bottom of a sprouting jar or flask. We let them soak in lukewarm water for 12 to 24 hours. Then, to grow a seed, we need to ensure the seed has a bit of room. We gently push it up until it is just below the surface of the water. Then we top up with more water until the lid is secure. If you

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