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The training will mainly focus on vegetable and fruit farming, plant protection, soil conservation, irrigation techniques, advanced agriculture under international standards, computer economics, project planning and post-harvest, Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana, the Minister for Agriculture and Animal Resources, noted. Do you have an idea for The New Times to cover? Submit it here! Over young graduates have landed an month internship training placement at the Agro Studies International Centre for Agricultural Interns in Israel, a development that will support government's efforts to strengthen the agriculture sector.

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PHA Curatorial Interns: Where Are They Now?

The Agricultural Innovation and Technology Centers AITEC are medium scale modernized farms that aim to operate as a central mechanism for introducing technologies, developing innovative interventions, a center for trainings and a research farm.

The AITEC introduces and demonstrates new crop varieties, new fertilizers, promotes efficient irrigation and water conservation and introduces new agro-technical methods. The AITECs farm concept includes a Ha modern drip irrigation system, a seedlings production nursery, protected agriculture structures and a fruit orchards.

The center serves as a training, research and demonstration center. Along with horticulture and water managements AITEC farms specialize in various livestock components such as dairy production, goat herding, aquaculture, poultry and egg production. Small farmer extension service Together with the Bureau of Agriculture the AITEC farm agronomists provide extension services to the surrounding farmers and enable improved logistical support to challenges faced by farmers.

Logistical support for agricultural input value chain AITEC farm provide farmers with improved market access to agricultural inputs by acting as a logistical center for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and the best available technologies.

The AITEC farms support forward linkages as well, providing solutions for marketing and post harvest solutions. Seedling production center The AITEC farm greenhouse nursery serve to produce seedlings for farmers, promoting market linkages to improved seed varieties. Seed varieties are demonstrated as well as made available to farmers.

Satellite demonstration sites Each AITEC farm has the capacity to support additional demonstration and training sites, enabling each farm to have an impact throughout the region. Research and development center The AITEC farm works with universities and research institutes to implement, study and demonstrate the best available technologies. Ethiopian and Israeli Agronomists internship program Israeli and Ethiopian interns work together to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Training programs The centers provide various trainings for farmers, development agents, TVET students, regional experts and agronomists. Production center The AITEC farm will strive to be economically independent and serve as a place for local production of fresh food. AITEC farm activities include:. Scroll to top.


The program in Israel is managed by the Agrostudies institution, whilst it is facilitated in Ghana by Agritop Limited. Beneficiaries qualify for this program after successfully graduating from a three-month intensive training in vegetable production using greenhouse technology. These trainings take place in the three greenhouse villages of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, located at Dawhenya, Akumadan and Bawjiase. Israeli Agriculture is regarded as one of the best in the world. With modern technologies which are able to churn out best results, students on this internship program are attached to farms in order to learn and gain experience in best practices. Additionally, beneficiaries attend lectures to learn about modern agriculture and finally graduate from the program with a Diploma. They were very successful in the program and impressed heads of the various farms they were assigned to.

I hope anyone volunteering in Jerusalem with GoEco is fortunate enough to meet Yan because he is truly amazing. I learned more about Israeli culture and history.

How to train your dream internship at the Israel Museum

Establishment Established in by an Act of Congress. The Arboretum is administered by the U. Internship positions are in horticulture, research, and education, and public garden administration and are supported by base funds, non-profit organizations, and privately donated funds. Wide-ranging developmental and applied research on trees, shrubs, turf, and floral plants. Development of new technologies for the floral and nursery industries. Development of superior landscape plants through a program of genetic improvement, evaluation, and selection. Taxonomy and nomenclature of ornamental plants and their wild relatives. Collection, preservation, and distribution of ornamental plant germplasm. Public education programs, including symposia, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations; plant, flower, and art exhibitions; interpretive brochures and signs; group tours; public relations. Over scientific articles in professional and trade journals in the last 3 years.


Job descriptions and application requirements are listed below. The Senior Grower is a key position in assisting with the production of crops for both installation in the gardens and resale in the Marketplace. The highest quality and execution should be focused on day-to-day production of assigned crops. Knowledge of both pest and disease identification and control are required.

We are a global company with headquarters in Switzerland and operations around the world. Our culture is diverse and inclusive, and our work is meaningful and rewarding.


The Israel embassy in Rwanda, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources has sent off Rwandan university graduates to Israel to acquire hands-on training and internship on modern agriculture. The sent group will be equipped with hands-on skills in different areas including greenhouse farming, aquaculture fishery , poultry, breeding and production, poultry vaccination and dairy farms. The Ambassador of Israel in Rwanda, Dr. Ron Adam said that the program is part of the many Mashav initiatives between Israel and Rwanda including capacity building, which has always been vital in their development cooperation globally. Adam said. The Ambassador further said that they will continue working with the ministry and Rwanda Development Board RDB to facilitate the alumni to form cooperatives and establish small and medium-size businesses in modern agriculture, a process which started two years ago.


Rwandan Agriculture students are scheduled to conduct their internships in Israel to acquaint themselves deeply with skills and best practices from a highly developed Israeli agriculture sector. Agriculture in Israel is a highly developed industry. In agriculture represented 2. In , Agriculture fetchedFarmworkers make up only 3. Rwanda exports dry beans, potatoes, maize, rice, cassava flour, maize flour, poultry and live animals within Eastern Africa and beyond- however; the sector is still lagging in introduction and wide adoption of modern farming practices. Israel may offer a solution in this aspect.

Allow me to quote: The State of Israel was requested to share And then there are Agriculture Internships provided in western nations (mostly Germany).

International Paid Agriculture Exchange Programs

A five month professional position in Israel is an impressive addition to your resume and will substantially boost your career development. This is an ideal opportunity for new graduates as preparation for entering the job market. Our eight week summer position in Israel is a fantastic way to top up your resume and expose you to leading companies and organizations in your field. This is an ideal opportunity for students or those interested in a career change.

Agrostudies Internships in Israel 2017

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On the one hand, the Israel National Museum is an institution with a history of building and supporting programs to encourage young people to explore the country. A growing number of young people have taken to the Internet and other social media to ask for help. In recent months, there have been some indications that the museum is preparing for a more diverse workforce. At the same time, the Israeli Institute of Humanistic Studies is also looking for a director, a position that is not open to students.

The funding helped support her PhD studies at the Waite Campus of…. What I really enjoy about….

25 DMMMSU NLUC students to finish internship in Israel

Youth who grew up in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey have traditionally moved to the big cities to pursue their careers. It might seem counter-intuitive to suggest that agriculture should become more nutrition-sensitive — but many small-scale producers worldwide are at risk of food and nutrition insecurity. Ending extreme poverty and hunger will be difficult without more investment and more innovative approaches. Nowhere is the challenge of leaving no one behind more salient than in rural areas. The outbreak of COVID has rapidly spread across the world, profoundly disrupting the fundamental activities that bring the global community together, including agriculture — and endangering all those who depend on it as their livelihood.

Serving as a Callaway Gardens Volunteer is a terrific way to give your time and energy to a cause that is not only beneficial today, but will be for generations to come. From trail walks to education workshops to information desks and much more, available opportunities are as diverse as our volunteers themselves. Volunteer hours are flexible and available every day of the year.

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