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If you are struggling with the challenge of an unruly incline, a retaining wall might be the best solution. Retaining walls provide both a pleasing aesthetic addition to your property and a capable foundation for plants, flowers, and other plants. Enhance your property and enjoy your outdoor space even more with the addition of a paver stone patio or driveway. Our process of leveling and installation is fast, affordable, with only the highest-quality materials. Enjoy a surface with remarkable texture and stunning beauty. The natural beauty of your property will be more fully realized with the addition of block walls.

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Spring has sprung, and that means getting outside and gardening. Whether you want to go it alone or you want to enlist the services of a St. Or maybe being stuck inside all winter has made you sick of looking out at your backyard, and you just want to freshen it up. No matter the scope, make sure you know to avoid these common pitfalls before you embark on any St. Louis landscaping project.

The grass looks great, you just want to brighten up the yard by planting a few flower beds — how difficult could it be? Actually, there are many aspects of planting to consider here. You also want to carefully place plants according to how much sun and water they need. This is probably the biggest pitfall on this list. Pretty much every other point could be solved by doing the proper research.

Preparation is always key. If you want to do it yourself, you need to become an expert on your own backyard. Where are the sunny spots? Which areas stay wet long after it rains? Once you can answer those questions, you can look at which plants would best fit those sorts of parameters.

Use all the resources at your disposal. Pay attention to what lawn services in St. You want a real expert in the field. It can be tempting to throw in any cute figurine your heart desires. Louis landscaping company will have the eye to tell you when to dial it back. An overly-cluttered lawn might pose some problems for lawn services in St. Louis, so also keep that in mind when picking out your decorations. Less is often more.

And if you really want to kick it up a notch, there are all kinds of big features a St. Louis landscaping company can add to your yard. A water feature, a gazebo, built-in seating — you dream it, they build it.

At the end of the day, though, it all comes down to personal taste. Louis landscaping company for your lawn services in St. Louis, that might be pretty appealing. If your grass is too short, it can be more vulnerable to all sorts of issues — heat damage, weeds, and drought, to name a few. Keep the needs of the season and your specific grass type in mind. Different kinds of lawns will hit peak growth at different times of the year. Grasses that grow the most in the spring include fescues and Kentucky bluegrass, so they can stand to be mowed more often than other varieties in the springtime.

Hiring lawn services in St. Louis is a great alternative to trying to keep your grass at the optimal length year-round. You might have big dreams for your St. Louis landscaping project, but when faced with the reality of keeping that yard nice in the long term, the dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Keep your willingness to do yard maintenance top of mind when designing any new St.

This is also a good reason to look into lawn services in St. Louis landscaping company can come in and maintain it for you.

The great thing about plants is that they grow. This goes along with the research step we mentioned previously. For the best chance at St. Louis landscaping success, you need to select plants that will thrive in St. There are a lot of great plants that love the conditions here. Louis landscaping company would be great at pointing you toward some with high success rates. You just have to find them. Even if you have the absolute best lawn services in St. Your St. When spring breaks loose and the grass starts to turn green again, people will often wait too long to cut it for the first time of the season.

With that in mind, figure out the ideal length for your specific grass type and go from there. Determining that ideal length will be the tricky part. Of course, if you schedule lawn services in St. Louis, this problem can be avoided entirely. Any St. Louis landscaping project is going to require a lot of tools. From the pots you put the flowers in to the shovels you use to do it, you need the right equipment. Know what size pots the plants you want will need, how deep your trees should be planted, and what kinds of shovels work best in your type of soil.

Also, keep safety equipment top of mind — gloves and goggles are musts for many projects. This issue can also be solved by hiring lawn services in St. Professionals should always have both the tools and knowledge to complete the task at hand.

Maybe this one sounds too obvious. As such, think about how your windows will frame your St. Louis landscaping design. If all your favorite flowers are tucked behind the garage, well, you might not get to enjoy them very often.

Get a full view of your yard before you start any project. It can give you a fresh perspective. Louis landscaping company would be happy to provide their perspective, as well. Your garden is part of a whole ecosystem, and it can attract or repel certain kinds of wildlife.

There are plenty of resources dedicated to helping you create a bird or butterfly garden, and a St. Louis landscaping company could point you in the right direction there. There are ways to keep deer or rabbits from munching on your plants. Some good examples are daffodils, poppies, and lavender.

Louis landscaping needs every chance at success you can give it, and one way to do that is to spread out the fertilizer. Spring is a great time for fertilizer — when the soil hits 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the fertilizer should go out. Lawn services in St. Know what to look for when buying fertilizer. A fertilizer with 20 percent nitrogen, 5 percent phosphate, and 10 percent potassium will typically be a good general choice for spring.

You want the application of your fertilizer to be smooth and even. Louis landscaping company can do that in no time flat, but it might be a little trickier for the average homeowner. Even still, if you want to do your own lawn services in St.

Louis, there are ways to get it done right. Using granules and a spreader instead of trying to spray your lawn can work wonders. There are a lot of elements to St. Louis landscaping, and disaster can strike at any one of them. To ensure your project is successful, do your research. Keep up with your yard, or hire lawn services in St.

Toggle navigation. Call us:Click here to pay your bill online. April 14,Suzie Landscaping Comments Off on 11 St. Lack of Research This is probably the biggest pitfall on this list. Ignoring the Maintenance Aspect You might have big dreams for your St.

Choosing the Wrong Plants for St. Louis This goes along with the research step we mentioned previously. Having the Wrong Equipment Any St. Not Considering All Angles Maybe this one sounds too obvious. Ignoring Wildlife Your garden is part of a whole ecosystem, and it can attract or repel certain kinds of wildlife.

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Mitchell Lawn and Landscaping is a leading landscaping company located in the West County area in St. We offer complete landscaping design, lawn care, landscape lighting, and landscaping maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients that are located throughout the St. Louis area. With our complete landscaping services, we can design and maintain beautiful lawns and landscaped areas.

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St Louis Select Landscaping Gift

Call St. Louis Select Landscaping in High Ridge, Missouri for a consultation on concrete and stone hardscapes. We are well-known for our skill at hardscape design and installation. This includes retaining walls, patios, outdoor kitchens, stamped concrete accents and much more. Your property is a blank slate, clamoring for the expertise of a landscape design and hardscape professional to make it into something memorable. Whatever the case, St. Louis Select Landscaping can not only design the perfect landscaping to complement your property, we can help care for it for as long as you own it. You started out with big dreams for your home's landscape design.

Choosing which ‘Uber of lawn care’ suits your company the best

Deer grass Muhlenbergia rigens is a native plant suitable for replacing pampasgrass Cortaderia selloana. Photo: Carolyn Martus. Many invasive plants were originally introduced as ornamentals. In , Cal-IPC began developing its ability to educate the California horticultural community about invasive plants.

I would love to earn your lawnmowing business for this season, and thank you so much for looking over my profile and reading about my lawnmowing company in St.

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Join our community of native plant enthusiasts—novice to experts—making a difference locally and nationally by establishing and preserving communities of native plants in our home landscapes, our schools and businesses, and in our communities. Help us spread awareness and share what we know about the issues related to preserving, restoring and establishing native plant communities, to preserve biodiversity through our own landscaping. Memberships are managed through the National website — the button will take you to the national website. To join our chapter for the first time: Join Wild Ones! If you need help logging into your account, please email the national office at support wildones.

Landscaping Blocks & Materials

Gardening Help Search. Growing a lush green lawn in St. Louis can be a challenge. The best lawn grasses are either turf-type tall fescue or zoysia. Tall fescue greens up early in spring and remains green well into fall but can struggle in the hot humid weather. Zoysia is tan from early fall through late spring but does very well in the heat of summer.

Choosing which 'Uber of lawn care' suits your company the best Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and St. Louis, but plans to keep on growing.

Louis, MO. Whether a commercial or residential project, we will listen to your input and desires and turn your landscaping vision into reality. Our experienced and professional staff will work with you from start to finish ensuring your project meets your quality and time related standards. We provide both landscape design and installation services.

Your home is one of your largest investments, you should treat it as such. Our landscape experts have been designing and building beautiful landscapes for homeowners in the Metro East Are you ready to build that pool of your dreams? Make your backyard an experience that everyone loves to be a part of. From basic pools to complex pools that include beautiful waterfalls, If you are looking to completely change the appearance of your backyard, Altered Grounds can help.

The right masonry project can completely revamp your home and landscape.

After Susan Van de Riet bought a house in , she fumbled to figure out what to do with its landscaping, which then consisted mostly of weeds and shrubs. People offered advice, but ultimately Van de Riet started her horticulture journey with a Google search. She knew she wanted to prioritize environmentally friendly plants. Louis on the Air. Now Van de Riet owns St. Louis Native Plants , a landscape consulting and design company that helps locals figure out the ideal way to grow a garden in their yard. There's a lot of moving parts and a lot of different players bringing that together to one purpose and one big sound.

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